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Hygiene concept


Protection and hygiene concept for PURUS PLASTICS GmbH

In order to protect our customers and employees from the further spread of the Covid-19 virus, we are committed to maintaining the following infection prevention guidelines and hygiene rules.
The development of this protection and hygiene concept was based on the SARS-CoV-2 industrial safety standard from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) – as of 26.04.2020.


1. Measures to ensure a minimum social distancing of 1.5 m

1.1 Employee instruction regarding social distancing rules

The instruction of employees took place personally and via e-mail by management. In addition, employees can always access and read the regulations valid for our facilities via the intranet. External parties can access the valid regulations on our website before their visit.

1.2 Placement of floor markings

Floor markings have been placed in spacings of 1.5 m in areas in which multiple employees tend to gather (time clocks, kitchens, printers, etc.). The number of floor markings conform to the expected number of employees and visitors based on experience and depending on the current time.

1.3 Placement of info signs on the premises

Info signs are placed on the premises according to necessity.

  • Before entry (for internal and external personnel) at all entrances, multilingual access rules (truck registration) and/or mask requirement, hand disinfection, what to do if your have cold symptoms, etc, …
  • In closed shared kitchens: Only one person can use it at a time, distancing 1.5 m, dishes must be cleaned in the dishwasher (min. 60 degrees)
  • Hand hygiene (in particular, info for external personnel): Use of the disinfectant dispenser directly upon entering the company; indication of locations where hand hygiene means are available..
  • Placement of general Corona hygiene rules (smoking areas, administrative buildings, entrance, etc.)
  • Break rooms/Social areas: Information on use of the dart game and foosball table. Social distance rules when using the furniture, mandatory mask wearing when speaking with other employees.


2. Mask coverings and personal protective equipment (PPE)

In general, mask wearing is required throughout the entire premises. Exceptions to this are work areas and activities in which a minimum distance of 1.5 m can be ensured. Masks should be on your person at all times and immediately worn when necessary.

2.1 Provision of PPE

Each employee is given the opportunity to receive two reusable masks free of charge. The masks are made from 100% single jersey cotton and are suitable for use at the workplace (also production) according to the manufacturer. Employees are instructed on the guidelines for wearing and caring for the mask upon issue (see appendix 1)

2.2 Ensuring that masks are worn

Checks for monitoring mask wearing are performed at regular intervals. In addition, this is also checked by the shift supervisor.

2.3 Options for employees with pre-existing conditions

Our employees have been informed that they can request a home office workstation or a leave of absence if they have a pre-existing condition (especially a pre-existing condition of the respiratory tract).

However, due to labor laws, this option is not available for other employees.

2.4 Information for customers regarding the mask requirement for their own protection/protecting our employees

Customers and visitors are informed about the existing mask requirement at all entrance doors as well as on our website. Employees of external companies are also informed before any work activity regarding the existing mask requirement.

3. Procedure for suspected cases of infection

  1. Before commencement of work: Request the employees with symptoms to leave the premises or stay at home.
  2. Report the suspected case to those responsible and/or supervisors as well as the HR department.
  3. Isolate the individual with a suspected case of infection and those employees who have worked closely together with the individual. If necessary, immediate closure of the department.
  4. Inform the employees and potentially infected individual about next steps.
  5. Request that the affected persons contact a doctor or the local health department.
      • Health department of the district of Wunsiedel: Jean-Paul-Straße 9, 95632 Wunsiedel, telephone: +49 (0)9232 80 -0
  6. Follow the instructions of the contacted entity.
  7. Upon confirmation of the suspected case: Trace and inform those persons who also pose a risk of infection due to contact with the infected person within the scope of operational pandemic planning.

4. Procedure for positive cases within the family/circle of acquaintances

  1. Employees who become aware of a case of Coronavirus infection in their family/circle of acquaintances must report this immediately to their superiors.
    • This can be reported by telephone if they become aware of this before the start of work.
    • If the employee is informed of a positive case of Coronavirus infection during work, he/she must inform his/her supervisor immediately.
  2. The employee is initially isolated from colleagues and must wait on further instructions from supervisors or the HR department.
  3. If the employee is a so-called 1st degree contact person, the instructions from the Health department must be followed.
  4. In the case of remote contact persons, an urgent appointment must be made with the family practice of Dr. Eschlwöch for a rapid Coronavirus test (nasal swab, duration: 15 minutes).
    • Negative test result: Employee can return to work
    • Positive test result: Follow the instructions of medical staff

Medical Practice of Dr. Eschlwöch: Egerstraße 23, 95659 Arzberg, telephone: +49 (0)9233 7849711


Further measures

  1. Hand hygiene

    • Placement of instructions for proper hand hygiene in all restrooms
    • Dispensers with disinfectant are available at entrances and exits (especially in all rear areas: break rooms/warehouse) as well as in washrooms
    • Restrooms are equipped with skin-friendly soap
    • Single use paper towels are available for drying hands (this rule does not apply to hand dryers)
    • Availability of single use gloves and instructions for their disposal
  2. Control and regimentation of employee and customer traffic

    • Floor markings have been placed in all areas in which social distancing must be maintained due to increased employee/visitor traffic
    • A parking spot concept has been created and implemented
    • Set-up of a separated entrance and exit in administrative buildings to maintain social distancing and avoid encounters due to higher employee and/or visitor traffic, especially when using the meeting rooms
    • A visual check of the maximum number of visitors is performed and the entrance door is locked if required to observe the limitations (this decision is the responsibility of the reception staff)
  3. Workplace design and home office

    • Workplaces have been designed so that employees can maintain enough space from other persons (min. 1.5 m)
    • Transparent separators have been installed in both the customer area and reception area as well as between the desks of office employees
    • The use of free room capacities as well as regular ventilation is the intention
    • Tools and work equipment are used if possible only by individual personnel and/or with gloves (provided by the employer)
    • Ventilation with fully open windows is performed at regular intervals; especially when persons not belonging in the office enter/leave the office.
  4. Business travel and meetings

    • Business travel and attendance events are being reduced to a minimum
    • Technical alternatives (telephone or video conferences, etc.) are being made available
    • If in-person attendance events are required, social distancing is ensured between the participants; mask wearing is required
  5. Work hours and break design

    • The occupancy rate of work areas and break areas have been reduced via various shift and break times
    • The production manager takes into account as much as possible in scheduling employees that the same employees work together to reduce frequently changing in-house personal contacts
    • Suitable organizational measures are used to avoid employee contact that is too close at the start and end of the work hours; otherwise the corresponding floor markings for social distancing must be maintained
  6. Access of third-party personnel to workstations and premises

    • The access of third-party personnel is being kept to a minimum as much as possible
    • Third-party personnel must provide their contact data
    • Information for third-party personnel about the measures that currently apply for SARS-CoV2 infection protection are published on the website and transmitted by our personnel upon arrival to third-party personnel
  7. Washrooms, cafeterias and break rooms

    • Provision of skin-friendly liquid soap and single use paper towels
    • Every second shower is blocked off in employee washrooms to maintain minimal social distancing. Disinfectants are provided for all common-use items (e.g. hairdryers). Shutting down the showers is not possible. The washroom area and the changing room for truck drivers may only be accessed by one person at a time. Social distancing rules are, therefore, not required in this area.
    • All employees are asked to clean the door handles of their own offices after contact by third-parties (especially external visitors)
    • Most of the furniture has been removed in the break room to ensure sufficient social distancing; All tables are positioned at a distance of at least 1.5 m. Only two employees may occupy the tables at one time. Employees have been informed that they are not allowed to place other furniture in the break rooms or move the available furniture.
    • (Switch to single use paper towels not applicable because already standard)
    • (All rules for cafeteria and serving counters not applicable)
  8. Company vehicles (cars, forklifts, trucks, etc.)

    • All company vehicles are to be equipped with disinfectants, paper towels and trash bags
    • All surfaces inside the company vehicle with which the employee has come into contact must be disinfected after using the vehicle
    • If several persons from different households are together in the same vehicle, it must be ventilated on a regular basis. If the minimum social distancing of 1.5 m cannot be maintained, a mask must be worn during the trip
    • Regular air circulation in the vehicle must be maintained, e.g. by opening the windows
  9. Instruction of employees and active communication

    • Instruction of employees regarding hygiene and social distancing rules
    • Placement of info signs on the premises
    • Active communication of prevention and occupational safety measures being implemented
    • Questions and comments can be sent at any time to our Pandemic team:
      • Thomas Manzei (representative: Waltraud Zeisel)
      • Heike Manzei (representative: Cynthia Rüpplein)
      • Wolfgang Fischer & Roger Fräßdorf
    • Our safety officer is also available:
      • Safety officer: Mark Schill
      • Occupational safety specialist: Reinhard Kastner
      • Company Doctor, Dr. Karl Bösl (tel.: +49 (961) 21288)


Arzberg, 01.12.2020