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Vision, mission, region.

There is no alternative to always keeping alternatives in mind.

We are

Recycling Pioneers.


We develop and produce worthwhile and sustainable products from our specially recycled secondary raw materials. In this way, we make a positive contribution to the increased preservation of raw materials and the reduction of waste and CO2.

As an experienced “champion” in plastic recycling, our thoughts and deeds have a laser focus on sustainability while taking all consequences into account. We obtain our own raw materials using the most sophisticated recycling processes. These processes have been designed to be lean and resource-friendly along the entire value added chain. Every one of our products is a true problem-solver with clear ecological added value.

We are constantly treading new technical ground, defining standards and processes from scratch and daring to do things that at first appear to be unimaginable.

We are a team of 100 highly motivated specialists, who are driving forward a growing family company that is deeply rooted in the region. We are pioneers and trailblazers who will not give up the struggle to make good things even better.

That is why we will be playing a leading role in the “next big thing” in plastic recycling.

We are a Recycling Pioneer.

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Recycling Pioneers