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Waste? Wrong! Secondary raw materials are the future.

High-performance products from processed plastic materials.

Recycled plastics are our world.

Preserving raw materials means lightening the load for generations to come.


Recycling used plastics as well as developing and producing innovative products from our own secondary raw material has been enabling us to make our contribution to a greener world since our company was founded in 1994.

Producing an innovative product from used plastics is a long road. Processing, during which the starting material, e.g. from collection systems, such as the Grüne Punkt (Green Dot) in Germany, is cleaned, sorted and processed into high-grade plastic granules, is at the center of our added value. For this, PURUS has reworked the entire process and developed one of the world’s most modern recycling systems for used plastics. Nowadays, we are able to produce plastic granules with very high grade purity for all the required quality grades. We even produce complex products, which other manufacturers can only produce using new, unprocessed granules (“virgin plastics”), using our secondary raw material in a certified, highly automated production process that is efficient and cost-effective in addition to yielding consistent quality.

1 kg of plastic is produced from 2.5 kg of oil. We take presorted packaging waste (e.g. films and plastic bags) and make …

… new products from secondary raw materials. This provides us with raw materials and alleviates the pressure on future generations and the environment.