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A visionary, multi-generational company with strong roots in the region.

was already old news for us back in 1994.


A unique style right from the start. Our founding in 1994 was the green light for our plastics company as well as the start of a successful family era.


Our vision:

A world that is as free as possible of plastic waste. The more plastic waste can be intelligently and sustainably recycled, the less of a burden and contamination it will pose for our oceans, soil and air. That is why our clear, overriding goal is to increase the preservation of plastic raw materials to the maximum and bring sustainable, competitive products to the market that can be recycled over and over again..
Our drive is our responsibility.

With every product made from recycled plastic, we are making an important contribution to reducing our carbon footprint and further curbing wastage of resources. At the same time, we are developing sensible, sustainable solutions which play a key role in unsealing, restoring or protecting grounds from erosion and preserving precious resources.

Every product that we produce is environmentally neutral and recyclable; every project is conceived with an eye on sustainability. We always think and act ecologically. This has turned us from an industrial company into a pioneer with clear, ideological convictions.


Our success has proven us right.

We have experienced a steady growth spurt since our family business was founded 25 years ago. We have also continued to innovate with new technologies and plastic treatment processes. Now a fully-fledged part of the Dettmer Group we have grown into an international, sought-after provider of innovative and sustainable products made from secondary raw materials.. Our partner network has expanded in all directions from Australia via South Korea to Chile and Canada. Our products are in daily use all over the world, whether as plastic reels, light pallets or ECORASTER®!

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When someone never tires in directing their company’s focus toward sustainability through innovation and development, even though it isn’t always easy, they have a valuable vision.

When someone continues to do all this successfully for 25 years, that is a source of pride.

When someone preserves precious resources throughout the years by means of intelligent recycling, then they truly are a Recycling Pioneer.


1994 - Our vision laid the cornerstone for more sustainability.

Injecting components with new raw materials is neither a great achievement nor is it particularly sustainable. For this reason, we decided to exclusively process secondary raw material and to produce our own processed recycled granules. As this was a vision with implications, we ultimately had to adapt the entire production and injection process to the requirements of our materials. Over the years, we have taken the issue of feasibility in plastics recycling to a new level.

1998 - Launch of the first 4-way tools into production.

The acquisition of new injection molding and tool technology not only meant that the requirements for the processing and handling systems as well as our recycled plastics had to evolve continuously with regards to their flow properties and temperature resistance. What felt like a technological revolution back then has long since been outpaced again by advances with unprecedented momentum. Nowadays, we inject using 2,000-ton machines, mold using 16-way tools and all of this is fully automated.

2001 - The ECORASTER® ground reinforcement system comes with integrated expansion joints.

In 2001, we decided to integrate expansion joints into the reinforcement system, which had always been separate up to that point. In addition to the shape, we also changed the formulation of our raw material. A milestone that made our ground reinforcement system even more resilient and the laid surfaces even more durable. Since its market launch in 1994, this reinforcement system has been revolutionizing landscaping and civil engineering and, at the same time, has been gradually developed into a true, modular system solution. In the meantime, our system was copied by several competitors who, however, have never managed to achieve the quality of the original.

2003 - Go-ahead for the first plastic pallet from PURUS.

The use of precious, natural raw materials for seemingly banal products, such as a load carrier, has always been a thorn in our sides. That is why we developed a full range of pallets made from recycled plastic in 2003, which represent highly durable, shatterproof and sustainable alternatives to classic wooden pallets. With the FIDUS LIGHT 604, we began series production of the lightest plastic display pallet in 2009. In 2014, we received one of the largest orders in our company history of over 3 million pallets.

2014 - The evolution of plastic cable reels continues.

The construction of the first prototype tool for a pluggable cable reel marked the start of a longer success story for PURUS. The robustness of our cable reels is due to the most modern multifunctional tools, which enable one-cast production in the truest sense. As a result, neither costly assembly work nor mechanical connections are required. Here PURUS operates a truly 360° recycling policy, i.e. in addition to producing disposable reels from 100% recycled plastic, we also take care of their environmentally-friendly processing.