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Regional responsibility? A point of honor.

We support social involvement.

PURUS is well-known for its role in the region

and fully supports our region.


We are an integral part of the region..

We are well aware of our social responsibility to our employees, the region and our community at large. We are involved extensively in our region and support selected associations, organizations and projects.

We value reciprocal, loyal collaboration and our partners’ social commitment. We are justifiably proud of every outcome that serves and helps the people in our region.

Firmly rooted in Central Europe in the Fichtel mountains.

Do it properly.

Transparent and loyal.


Whether by providing project support in terms of equipment or personnel, voluntary assistance, sponsoring or sponsorships, at PURUS great emphasis is always put on social commitment.

We also feel that it is our responsibility to impart our ideas and visions to our partners. We know that sustainability is expressed through action not just ideas!