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Probably the simplest method for roof greening.

Unload, lay, and you’re all set.

Fast green roof with pre-planted modules.


Modern roofs should be planted because a green roof brings only advantages: along with insulation against heat and cold, it also protects the building structure, traps fine dusts and stores rainwater. ECOSEDUM PACK is a pre-planted module that is delivered directly to the construction project. “Unload, lay, and you’re all set.” is our system’s motto, which is not just suited for flat roofs. This robust plastic box with an integrated rainwater retention basin ensures even growth and protection for the sedums. The selected sedum mix is your guarantee for a robust green roof with absolutely low maintenance.

The immediate greening success, a great look and the fulfillment of sustainability guidelines gives this green roof system an excellent price-performance ratio.

Quick installation

Unload, lay, and you’re all set

Pre-planted delivery

Immediate greening success for fast accounting

Integrated rainwater retention basin

Rain management via discharge and intermediate storage


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