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The ground reinforcement system

The permeable alternative to concrete and asphalt.

Maintaining natural characteristics.

Creating durable and dependable areas.


Overflowing drainage systems, flooded city centers and expensive rainwater retention projects are testament to the fact that permeable ground stabilization is not just a fashionable trend, but a necessity. Especially in our residential and traffic areas, permeable surfaces make a valuable and sustainable contribution to mitigating the ecological and economic consequences of heavy rainfall or hot temperatures.

We have been making high-quality ground reinforcement systems from our recycled materials for numerous loads and applications for over 25 years. Our ground reinforcement system starts where regular lawn grids stop. Our ECORASTER® is used all over the world to create parking lots, gravel paths, logistics areas, planted emergency access areas, etc. From Iceland to South Korea and from pedestrians to heavy-duty transport, all of the following applies: puddle-free, no trip hazards and absolutely sustainable! Often copied and never duplicated, simply a true ground reinforcement system: ECORASTER®, the right choice!

Permeable construction method

Now you can maintain natural soil functions

Absolutely creative

Combine various fill materials for excellent results

Reduce plastic waste

and make good use out of secondary raw materials: ECORASTER®

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The ground reinforcement system

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