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We give new life to old plastics.

We help to preserve resources and ease the burden on future generations.

Products made from recycled raw materials.

Symbol for sustainability. Guarantor for quality.


Injecting components with new raw materials is neither a great achievement nor is it particularly sustainable. For this reason, we decided to exclusively process secondary raw material and to produce our own processed recycled granules. As this was a vision with implications, we ultimately had to adapt the entire production and injection process to the requirements of our materials. Over the years, we have taken the issue of feasibility in plastics recycling to a new level.

PURUS PLASTICS doesn’t just see plastic recycling as its only task. When processing is complete, our finished products have one thing in common: their sustainability. In our modern injection molding plants we produce FIDUS plastic pallets and cable reelsECOSEDUM PACK roof greening boxes and the original ECORASTER® ground reinforcement system, all made from our own recycled raw materials. We have been manufacturing high-quality products and delivering them to partners and customers all over the world for over 25 years now.

We invite you to get to know our products on the next few pages. As a manufacturer, we always guarantee consistent quality, reliability and user-friendliness.

Welcome to the product world of PURUS PLASTICS.

The trick has always been to create innovative, sometimes highly complex products using secondary raw material."

Waltraud ZeiselManaging Director

ECORASTER ground reinforcement system



Plastic reel